Technical High School Scholarships Frequently Asked Questions

○Questions from teachers regarding recommendations and application.

Is it a problem if we are receiving other scholarships?
Is it a problem if we are applying for other scholarships?
There are no specific provisions in the Foundation’s scholarship regulations regarding co-subsidization with other scholarships.
Is it acceptable if our grades are in the middle of the range?
Is it acceptable to be in the first or second grade?
Scholarship recipients must be enrolled in the final year of their department (course). However, the scholarship may be accepted if there is a recommendation from the principal of the school in consideration of financial reasons, etc.
Is it acceptable if I have been absent for many days due to health issues?
While there are no specific criteria for attendance, there has been a tendency for scholarship recipients to withdraw from the program due to absences, transfers, withdrawals, and other disruptions in the past. Recommenders from each school are requested to nominate students who can remain as scholarship recipients throughout the year.
In the event that I am selected and receive the scholarship, but I am no longer eligible due to illness or other reasons and withdraw, am I obligated to return the scholarship funds I have received up to that point?
You are not obligated to return any scholarship funds you have received prior to the loss of eligibility. However, if you receive the scholarship after you lose eligibility due to late notification of withdrawal, you will be required to return the scholarship.

○Questions from teachers regarding the bank account to which scholarship funds will be transferred.

Since the student does not have a bank account and there is no time to make a bank book, would it be acceptable to use the parent’s account?
If the scholarship money is transferred to the student’s bank account, the parent manages the account and withdraws the money for living expenses, so we would like to use the teacher’s account, etc. if this is acceptable.
Please create an account for the student. No payment will be made to an account other than the student’s own.
Could we use an account at an agricultural cooperative, credit union, or internet bank?
We will accept any financial institution that can accept money transfers from our bank.
Would it be acceptable to use accounts that are not regular deposit types, such as current or saving accounts?
Please make sure to fill in the deposit type. In addition, branch names may have changed due to branch consolidation at the financial institutions. Please double-check.

○Post-Hiring: Questions from Parents

There was a deposit to our child’s account, what is this about and what is the nature of your Foundation?
Parental or guardian consent must be obtained to complete the scholarship application process. There have been cases where parents/ guardians have not given their consent.
We would like to request that the scholarship be paid in two transfers or in one lump sum, with the exception of scholarships that are paid in four installments.
Is it possible to make an exception for the remittance at the end of July for the first term of the transfer and make the timing earlier?
All scholarship transfers are made in four installments per year, with all transfer payments made at the same time during a set period of time. We do not provide individual service.
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