Research Grants Frequently Asked Questions

Can part-time university lecturers apply?
No. It is limited only to full-time staff.
Can university technical staff apply?
Please clearly state that research time is secured.
Can researchers from public research institutes apply?
No, they cannot.
Can researchers from public research institutes participate as co-researchers?
Yes, they can.
Can graduate students apply?
No, they cannot.
Do I have to settle the accounts within the research year?
This is handled by the delegated accounting of the university. Please consult with the person in charge at the university.
Is personal accounting permitted?
No, it is not permitted.
Can specially appointed professors of universities apply?
No, they cannot.
Can researchers seconded by a company to a university apply?/dt>
No, they cannot.
Can the recommender be a professor of the department?
The recommender should be the head of the department or higher.
Can a professor from another university be a recommender?
Please obtain permission from the head of the department where the research will be conducted.
I cannot obtain the official seal from the head of my organization. Can I get a signature?
Please obtain an official seal. If you cannot obtain an official seal, please state so in the application.
Can I apply under the same theme as previous grants?
Please clearly state the reason.
Can I apply under a similar theme to a research grant from another foundation?
No, you cannot.
A large proportion of the expenses are for communication and transportation for joint research with a large number of people. Is this acceptable?
No, it is not acceptable. We ask that communication and transportation expenses be reduced.
A large proportion of the expenses is spent on overseas presentations. Is this acceptable?
No it is not acceptable. Please make an effort to spend a larger proportion on research.
Is it possible to make expenditures that differ from the stated budget?
The use of university-delegated accounting funds is determined by each university. Please consult with the person in charge at the university.
Can there be more than one applicant on the application?
There should be only one applicant.
Can we purchase a PC and software?
Yes. Specify the product’s needs for your research in the remarks, including the product name and model number.
Are there any restrictions on equipment purchases?
For equipment purchases exceeding 200,000 JPY, provide detailed information, including the product name and model number.
We would like to use the grant money for a researcher’s fee.
Funds can be allocated as researcher fees. Describe the nature of the work and the unit price in compliance with campus regulations.
Can we travel abroad and present at conferences?
Yes. Provide details of the dates and location of the planned conference, as well as the title of your presentation.
We can’t submit a research report. Is that all right?
Submission of a research report is mandatory. Include the process and findings in your report, even if the results are not as expected. Exercise caution when describing potentially patentable items.
We became unable to continue our research during the grant period due to illness or other reasons. What should we do?
Submit a change report and follow the instructions provided by the Foundation.
The eligibility age is generally 60, but can you accept applicants who are 61 or older?
Given that it takes two to three years from the start of the research to its completion and publication, such applicants may face limitation in utilizing the grant within their career span. Additionally, excellent research might be redirected to the Foundation’s joint research. Please consider these factors comprehensively before making your decision.
The eligibility criteria include a “recommendation and official seal of the head of your institution,” but is a personal seal acceptable?
The nominator should be in a position with an official seal, such as the director, dean, or department head.
If I am a foreign national, can I submit my application in English?
The application form must be in Japanese.
My university has rules for collecting overhead and other fees. Can we collect these fees from your research grants?
As a general rule, we would like the full amount of the research grant to be used for research.
However, we understand that each university has its own regulations. We do not prevent universities from following their regulations.
Is it permissible to allocate a certain amount of money to a co-researcher?
Yes, we allow a certain amount of money to be allocated to co-researchers as well. However, since the full amount of the research grant will be remitted to the university to which the applicant belongs, the method of allocation should be coordinated among the universities concerned.
Do I need to submit income and expense reports, receipts, etc.?
We do not require submission of income and expense reports, receipts, etc. Please implement the budget appropriately in accordance with the regulations of your university.
Am I obligated to return the funds if the budget is not fully used within the research period?
Although there is no obligation to return the funds, we ask that you make a systematic effort to implement the budget within the academic year to achieve the objectives of the research, and that you handle the funds properly in accordance with the regulations of your university.
If you have to cancel your research for various reasons and there is a risk that a large amount of funds will be left over, please contact us and consult with us in advance.
Can I change from the original budget implementation plan?
In principle, the original plan should be followed, but changes can be made as long as the expenses are truly necessary for the research and are within the permissible scope of each university’s regulations.
Moreover, no notification to the Foundation is required.
Are there any restrictions on the use of grant funds? For example, may we expend the cost of a social gathering?
Although there are no restrictions on the use of the funds, the grant is intended to cover research expenses truly required.
Please implement the budget in accordance with the research expense estimation and the regulations of your university. Expenses for food and drinks for social gatherings, even if they are meetings for researchers, should be borne by the individuals and not with this grant.
Because the grant alone is not enough to cover the budget, we want to make a purchase combined with other accounts on campus. Is this acceptable?
If the items are necessary for research and can be purchased together under the university’s accounting regulations, the Foundation does not have a problem with this.
I was transferred to another university. The research will continue, but what procedures are required?
Please submit a change report and correct the registration data in the Electronic Application System.
The transfer of research grants should be discussed among universities and handled in accordance with the regulations of each university.
If there is not enough space in the report format, can I add more pages?
If there is insufficient space, please do not increase the number of pages. Instead, use a separate sheet of paper and keep the volume appropriate.
Are there any specific regulations for including acknowledgments in papers?
There are no specific regulations.
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