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AY 2023 Research Grants Application Guidelines

 As part of the activities stipulated in Article 4, Paragraph 1, Item (1) of the Foundation's Articles of Incorporation, the purpose of the Foundation is to conduct studies and research on industrial technology and to provide grants and awards related to such activities in order to contribute to raising the level of industrial technology in Japan.

 Amendments for AY 2023 include changing the age limit from 45 to those generally under 60 years old, conducting two applications per year, and allowing for multiple applications.

  1. Application period
    The application will be accepted twice a year. Please select one.
     (First-semester applications) Must arrive January 30 (Monday) – February 28 (Tuesday), 2023
     (Second-semester applications) Must arrive June 30 (Friday) – July, 31 (Monday), 2023
    Multiple applications are accepted, and researchers who received grants in the past (prior to AY 2021) may reapply three years after the end of the program. For example, a researcher who finishes in AY 2021 may apply in AY 2024 or later.
  2. Eligibility for application
    Full-time (excluding specially appointed) faculty members and researchers at universities, technical colleges, and other institutions of higher education (excluding public research institutions), who are generally under 60 years of age.
  3. Application framework
    There are two types of frameworks: those recommended by the Foundation's designated institutions and the general framework. Designated institutions may apply for both the recommended and general frameworks. In both cases, the reason for the recommendation and the official seal of the head of the institution are required.
  4. Research fields
    ① Chemistry, materials science, bioengineering
    ② Environment, energy
    ③ Mechanical engineering, manufacturing, robotics, space engineering
    ④ Electrical and electronics engineering, systems and control, information, AI
    ⑤ Medical engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, agricultural engineering
    ⑥ Manufacturing engineering, management engineering
    ⑦ Other industrial technologies that contribute to the challenges of the 21st century are desirable.
  5. Amount of grant
    The maximum amount per case shall be 1.5 million yen.
    *In principle, the Foundation limits its grant-funded research expenses to those necessary to carry out the research theme and does not expect the research institution to incur indirect expenses. Please request a "Research Support Expense Waiver Application Form" if required.
  6. Period of implementation
    (First-semester applications) April 1, 2023 –March 31, 2024
    (Second-semester applications) September 1, 2023 – August 31, 2024
  7. Criteria
    The research plan and methods must be appropriate and original to contribute to the improvement of industrial technology in the 21st century, and satisfactory results are expected.
  8. 8. Obligations of the recipient
    A research report of no more than 8 pages on A4 paper, written according to the template in the "Electronic Application System" described below, must be submitted within 3 months after the end of the implementation period of the relevant grant.
    Submitted research reports will be published in the Foundation's annual report and posted on the Foundation's website.
    The Foundation may request you to present the results of your research at conferences organized by the Foundation.

    Research Grant Report Form
    Research Grant Report Template

  9. Application procedures
    • (1)Complete a grant application

      ①To prepare an application, please register on "Applicant’s My Page" in the "Electronic Application System", download the application documents, and complete application forms 1 and 2.

      ②Please prepare the application form in the downloaded Word file, then convert it to PDF and upload it. The official seal of the recommender on application form 1 is required, therefore please upload the document in PDF format.

      ③The application form must be written in Japanese.
      Format File:Application Form 1
      Format File:Application Form 2
      Format File:Research Support Expense Waiver Application Form

    • (2)Method of submission

      Application documents must be submitted through "Applicant’s My Page" of the "Electronic Application System".

      Applications cannot be submitted after the deadline. Please note that we do not accept applications by mail.

  10. Selection process
    A selection committee established by the Foundation will screen the applications, and the research grant recipients will be selected and decided by the Board of Directors.
  11. Notification of grant decision and transfer of grant funds
    • (1)Applicants will be notified by e-mail of acceptance or rejection within two months of the application deadline.
    • (2)The research grants will be transferred to the designated bank account via the university office.

Results for AY 2021

The Foundation provided grants of 1.5 million yen for 11 research projects.

Research reports for AY 2021

(The PDF file on this page is available for viewing only.)

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