Scholarships for Technical High Schools

Application Notes

Applications are accepted annually through recommendations by school heads only (direct student applications are not accepted). For details on submitting the application, please contact the respective school.


  1. The purpose of this scholarship is to contribute to the encouragement of industrial education to raise the level of industrial technology in Japan.

(Eligibility Criteria)

  1. Students must be in their final year at a technical high school or similar institution (affiliated with the National Association of Principals of Technical High Schools or the Japanese Society for Engineering Education).
    (In principle, schools with full-time and part-time systems are required to select candidates from both systems.)

(Stipend Amount and Period)

  1. Stipend: 360,000 JPY per year (30,000 JPY per month) Stipend Period: One (1) year
    Payment Method: The scholarship will be paid in two installments, in June and October, by bank transfer to a bank account under the scholarship recipient’s name.

(Number of Recipients)

  1. Number of Recipients: 112 persons (46 in Kanagawa Prefecture, 42 in Shizuoka Prefecture, and 24 in Mie Prefecture)

(Application Procedure)

  1. Complete the application by following these steps:
    (1) Submission Deadline:
    (2) Submission Method: Submit through the school to the Foundation’s President.
    (3) Documents Required:
    a. Scholarship Application and Pledge (Form 1)
    b. Recommendation Letter (Form 2)
    c. Resume (Form 3)
    d. Scholarship Account Transfer Request Form (Form 4)

(Determination of Scholarship Recipients)

  1. The Board of Directors will determine the scholarship recipients. 

(Annual Reporting Obligations)

  1. The results of the year’s work must be submitted to the Foundation’s President through the school.
    (1) Submission Deadline: March 31
    (2) Documents Required:
    a.Essay “Memories of School Life and Hopes for the Future”
    b. Career Path after Graduation
    c. Transcripts

(Obligation to Report Changes)

  1. When a scholarship recipient takes a leave of absence, withdraws from the school, or experiences any other change in status, the recipient is required to submit a change report to the Foundation without delay. Reporting can be done in any format deemed appropriate.
    Failure to report on time may result in the obligation to return the scholarship.

(For submission of documents and inquiries, please contact)

  1. 7955-98 Kiga, Hosoe-cho, Hamana-ku, Hamamatsu City, 431-1305
    To: Amano Institute of Industrial Technology
    Phone: (053) 523-1171, E-mail:

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