AY 2023 (Special Application) Application Guidelines for Scholarships for Doctoral Programs in Graduate Schools

The purpose of this scholarship is to develop and support talented science and engineering professionals who will contribute to advancing the industrial technology of Japan.

(Scholarship Eligibility)

1 Students enrolled (as of November 1) in the first year of a doctoral course at a graduate school of science and engineering in Japan. The scholarship may be combined with other scholarships if approved by the supporting organization. However, students who receive the scholarship independently will be given priority.

(Amount and Period of Scholarship)

2 Amount of scholarship: 1.5 million yen annually
 Period of scholarship: 3 years from the first year to the end of the third year.
 *In principle, there is no obligation to return this scholarship.

(Number of Recipients)

3 Number of recipients: 150 people

(Application Procedure)

4 The application procedure is as follows:
(1) Apply through the Foundation's Electronic Application System during the application period.
  Application period: November 1 - November 30, 2023

 (2) Registration in the e-application system
   a. My Page registration.
   b. Select the appropriate application type.
   c. Upload application documents after entering basic information.
 (3) Application documents
   a.(Form 1) Recommendation Letter
   b.(Form 2) Resume
   c.(Form 3) Personal Statement
   *The application documents can be downloaded from our website in the format specified by the Foundation.


5 The review criteria will be as follows.
(1) Research title and outline (originality, future potential, feasibility, etc.).
(2) Future career goals (specific goals and motivation, contribution to society, etc.).
(3) Necessity of financial support (justification and specific utilization, etc.).
(4) Web interviews will be conducted in some cases.

(Selection of Scholarship Recipients)

6 The scholarship recipients will be screened by the Scholarship Selection Committee, which will meet in early December. Upon final screening by the Scholarship Selection Committee, the Board of Directors will make a decision and notify the applicant.

(Procedures to Receive the Scholarship)

7 Scholarship students who have been notified of their acceptance will be required to access the Electronic Application System as soon as possible to complete the procedures for receiving their scholarship.
(1) Submission of Scholarship Receipt Confirmation Form
  (Form 4) Download the Scholarship_Confirmation_Letter  , fill, and upload it in PDF format.
(2) Register the account to which the scholarship funds will be transferred
   *The account must be in your name.

(Scholarship Payment Schedule)

8 Scholarship funds are transferred in two annual installments to a bank account in the scholar's name.

Amount of scholarship Annual  1,500,000 yen
(750,000 yen for each term)
Payment Date Spring entrants First year January (1,500,000 yen)
Second year and thereafter April, October
Fall entrants First year January, April
Second year and thereafter October, April

(Obligation to Report Annual Results)

9 Scholarship recipients are required to submit a report of results after the completion of each academic year.
(1) Submission period
  At the end of the first and second year  Within one month
  At the end of the third year        Within three months
(2) Documents to be submitted
  At the end of the first and second year  Reports of Annual Results
  At the end of the third year        Final Report of Results
(3) Contents of report
  At the end of the first and second year  Within one page (A4 size)
  At the end of the third year        Within three pages (A4 size)
  *The report must be prepared in accordance with the template format specified by the Foundation. The template can be downloaded from the Foundation's website. (Under preparation)
(4) Submission method
  Upload the report as a Word file from the Electronic Application System.
(5) Others
  a. Final reports by the degree recipients may be published in the annual report issued by the Foundation.
  b. Degree recipients may be asked to present their research results at the Amano Forum held each fall.

(Obligation to Report Changes)

10 In the event of a leave of absence, withdrawal, or any other changes, the scholar must report the change to the Foundation in writing without delay by submitting (Form 5) Change_Report  . In the event of late reporting, the scholarship may be required to be returned.


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  Secretariat, Amano Institute of Technology
  TEL:053-523-1171 E-mail:shogaku@zai-amano.or.jp

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TOPAY 2023 (Special Application) Application Guidelines for Scholarships for Doctoral Programs in Graduate Schools