Research Grant Program

Industrial Education Research Grants

AY 2023 Application Guidelines

  1. Purpose
    The purpose is to contribute to the promotion of education, the sound development of high school students, and the development of Japanese industrial technology through effective and appropriate research, as well as to develop outstanding human resources in the field of industry at high schools that are affiliated with The National Association of Principals of Technical Senior High Schools and industrial education research associations in Kanagawa, Shizuoka, Mie, Aichi, and Gifu prefectures.
  2. Target of grants
    • (1)Schools and other organizations
      The target are high schools (hereinafter referred to as "schools") and educational research organizations (organizations with a constitution consisting of teachers and staff in the prefecture) that have set research themes and are seeking to promote education and research.
    • (2)Academic groups
      The target may be a research group with members drawn from across departments or schools. However, club activities are excluded since they are student activities.
    • * Excludes schools and other academic groups that have been or will be awarded research grants from other organizations or institutions during the research period.
  3. Areas of funding
    • (1)Educational research
      Curriculum research, classroom research, advanced technology instruction research, etc.
    • (2)Teaching materials research
      Production of teaching materials for practical training, experiments, and supplementary teaching materials for textbooks, as well as research on the use of practical training facilities, etc.
    • (3)Research on practical educational activities
      Practical research aimed at developing students' creativity and problem-solving skills, such as research on SDGs initiatives and environmental energy research
  4. Research period
    If the project is implemented over a period of one year, the report should be submitted by the end of March of the same year.
    If the project is implemented over a period of two years, the report should be submitted by the end of March of the following year.
  5. Amount of grant
    • (1)Schools and other organizations
      Up to 1,500,000 yen per case
    • (2)Academic groups
      Up to 800,000 yen per case
  6. Application procedures
    • (1)Application requirements
      Schools, academic groups, and other organizations that have received grants may not apply in successive years.
    • (2)Application documents
      To prepare and submit an application, a representative of each organization should register on the "Applicant’s My Page" in the "Electronic Application System" and submit the following documents.
      A. Format File: (Industrial Education Research Grants Application Form)
      B. Format File: (Industrial Education Research Plan)
      C. Format File: (Proposed Use of Grant Funds)
      D. Latest constitution for educational and research organizations
      • *Documents from A to C must be edited and converted to PDF files, and uploaded from the Electronic Application System as described in (4) below.
      • *The official seal of the head of the organization is required on document A. Please convert the sealed application form to a PDF file using a scanner, etc., and upload.
      • *Please convert documents prescribed in D to a PDF file and upload.
    • (3)Application period April 1 - May 31, 2023
    • (4)Where to apply
    • (5)Inquiries
  7. Selection
    The selection committee established by the Foundation will review the applications and the Board of Directors will make a decision. Please note that the grant amount may be reduced.
  8. Announcement
    The representative of the application will be notified by e-mail around the beginning of June 2023.
  9. Transfer of grant funds
    The entire amount of the grant will be transferred to the designated account by June 30, 2023. However, the transfer account must not be a private account, and the transfer account must be notified by June 15, 2023.
  10. Submission of reports

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