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List of Research and Inventions

 Some of the products that the Institute has researched, developed, and put into practical use include electric dynamometers, engine testing equipment, and other products. The table below shows the results from AY 1977 to AY 2020. * Indicates prototypes.

 Explanatory notes: S55:p9 indicates page 9 of the Showa year 55(1980) “Annual report”; H4:p4 indicates page 4 of the Heisei year 4(1992) “Annual report”.

Developed Products Unit Sales Refer to Annual report Notes
Eddy current electric dynamometers 173 units S56(1981):p8, p58, p61, H4(1992):p4, others 1HP~600HP, vertical, horizontal model
Educational model BPH-A04 baby dynamometer 19 units   50th-anniversary project
Eddy current electric dynamometers with motoring function 5 nits    
3 sets S56(1981):p50  
Fuel flow meter 30 units S58(1983):p6  
Chain testing machine 2 units S58(1983):p9  
Waste heat recovery equipment 1 set S58(1983):p56 For Antarctic base
Speedometer for motorboat 4 units S59(1984):p11  
Valve guide testing machine 3 units S59(1984):p15  
Valve seat testing machine 6 units S60(1985):p13  
Torque converter testing machine 3 units S60(1985):p6  
Transmission testing machine 2 units S60(1985):p6  
Wave heating machine 1 unit S61(1986):p6 Participation in the Moonlight project
Turbocharger testing machine 5 units S61(1986):p10, H1(1989):p38, H2(1990):p25, H5(1993):p4 For research and production management
Engine combustion gas temperature meter *    
Digital engine automatic controller 6 units S62(1987):p6, S63(1988):p6, H1(1989):p13  
Anemometer * H1(1989):p22, H3(1991):p4, H11(1999):p4  
Small motor/actuator test equipment 1 unit S62(1987):p21, S63(1988):p15, H1(1989):p6, H2(1990):p6  
In-engine pressure indicator * S63(1988):p24  
Power regenerative AC electric dynamometer * H2(1990):p13 1.5HP~40HP
Bag filter performance testing machine 2 units H4(1992):p9, H7(1995):p4  
2-cycle engine oil testing machine 6 units H6(1994):p4 JASO M340/M341 92 compliant
Bearing test equipment 2 units    
Various oil temperature controllers 3 units H9(1997):p4  
Engine dynamic valve loss measuring equipment 4 units    
Load control device for a smoke test 1 unit   JASO M342 92 compliant
Sprocket test equipment 1 unit    
Fan torque measurement equipment 1 unit    

As of March 31, 2022

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