Activity Report

The 5th Amano Forum Full Account


Date: November 22 (Tues), 2022


Venue: Hotel Crown Palais Hamamatsu, 3rd Floor Matsu-no-Ma Banquet Room


There were approximately 50 participants at the venue and approximately 20 remote participants.

The first session consisted of presentations of the results by students who completed their doctoral programs in the AY 2020, presentations of the research grants in AY 2020, and a special lecture. The second session was a reception.

The presentations by students recommended by the five universities addressed mainly the contents of their doctoral theses.

There were two females and two international students. For the English presentations, the faculty supervisors provided explanations.

The presentations for the research grants, were for the technology for the collection of viruses by electrostatic precipitation and the design and analysis of a new type of dye-sensitized solar cell.

The special lecture was given by Professor Tomoaki Okuda of Keio University on the cyclone collection technology for colloidal particles and its effect on living organisms.

The session concluded with an introduction of “Luck, Stolidity, and Perseverance” as a farewell gift.

The participants then proceeded to the reception hall where they exchanged information and ideas. Some participants traveled far distances, and some universities stayed overnight.

We were fortunate to have successfully completed the event amidst the 8th wave of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

(Greetings from Chairman Kawahata)

(Lecture by Professor Okuda)


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