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 As part of the activities stipulated in Article 5, Item (1) of the Foundation’s Articles of Incorporation, the purpose of the Foundation is to conduct projects for the dissemination of inventions and ideas that have been put to practical use through experimental research projects, in order to contribute to raising the level of industrial technology in Japan.


 Some of the products that the Foundation has researched, developed, and put into practical use at the request of general-purpose engine manufacturers, engine parts manufacturers, and others, include eddy current electric dynamometers and their controllers for measuring the performance of small general-purpose engines, valve seat and valve guide stand-alone wear test equipment for engines with a heat source to heat the engine without firing and with temperature control, OHC engine valve drive unit friction torque measurement device, piston sliding friction torque measurement device, fuel oil temperature control equipment for diesel engines, and bag filter performance test equipment for dust collection.

Production example:

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