Testing and Research Projects

 As part of the activities stipulated in Article 4, Paragraph 1, Item (2) of the Foundation’s Articles of Incorporation, the purpose of the Foundation is to contribute to raising the level of industrial technology in Japan by carrying out experimental research on the practical application of inventions and ideas in industrial technology and by providing recommendations.

Major experimental research and collaborative research conducted in the past

Research period (year) Experimental research Collaborative research
1963ー1979 Development of a new electronic Taximeter system
1987ー1990 Measurement of combustion gas temperature in spark-ignition engines
Development of wind speed and direction data statistical processing equipment
1993-1999 Development of a regenerative three-phase alternating current induction dynamometer
2003ー2009 Basic research on a new method of dynamometer
2010-2015 Research on improving the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation
2012-2016 Research on thermoelectric conversion capable of high output
2016-2020 Pioneering structural catalytic conversion systems for CO2 reduction and utilization through high-speed & low-temperature methane conversion
2019-2020 Research and development of small wood chip manufacturing machine

 This is a list of annual reports by year of publication. The year of implementation was one year earlier. Ongoing studies that have been conducted but not reported are not listed.

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